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what are my skin rewards What Are "My Skin Rewards"?

"My Skin Rewards" are Cash Back Credits that can be used when placing an online purchase of skin care products from a participating website. "My Skin Rewards" are used as cash, and can be applied to an order during the online checkout process. Participating websites may assign rewards for many reasons, a few include:
  • Contests and drawings
  • Incentives for purchasing specific products
  • Reward for frequent or high volume ordering
  • Referring friends to the website
  • Participating in polls or questionnaires
  • Submitting product reviews
  • In-house credits
favorites Weekly Drawing Rules

  1. Winners will receive a predetermined amount of "My Skin Rewards" to be used on future orders

  2. Contestants must have an active account ("My Account" login) on participating website

  3. Rewards will be available immediately to the winner, at time of drawing

  4. Weekly drawings are held on every Friday @ 12:00 am EST

  5. Winners are randomly selected based on order date

  6. Order date must be between 12:00 am the prior Friday and the drawing date

  7. Contestant's order must not be completed as "Call Customer Service" (Credit Card, Google Checkout, PayPal, and Amazon orders only)

  8. "My Skin Rewards" winning prize must be redeemed online (online orders only)

  9. The participating website ordered from must be active at the time of the drawing

  10. Winners will be posted on and sent a "Congratulations" email

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